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At All Saints we would be glad to be part of your special day. We use the Marriage service from A Prayer Book for Australia, which gives us some flexibility to make the service our own, while still covering what is needed in a Christian service.

We believe in the special Christian understanding of marriage: God is a God of love, and God is the One who created love, relationship, forgiveness and joy. 

The clergy at All Saints take care to guide you through the government forms, the practical details of the service, and a rehearsal.

It is possible for people who have been divorced to be remarried. It is also possible to be married at a venue away from the church building, subject to some requirements. Please give us a call or email us to check a date, or find out more.


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Forms and Certificates

Everyone being married in Australia needs to produce certain documents.  You need to give at least one month's notice of your intention to marry, by completing and signing the government form called "Notice of Intention".  Please bring original copies of your birth certificate to the interview, and where someone has been divorced, then divorce papers need to be produced. If you have been baptised, then you need to bring your baptism certificate. If you've not been baptised, but are interested in the Christian faith, to become a Christian, please speak to the clergy. It's helpful to think about whom you would like to be witnesses to your marriage, and to know their full names. It's also necessary to know your mother's full maiden name.

Wedding Service

Some couples decide to produce and print an Order of Service. This needs to be done in consultation with the clergy. Please give some thought to whether you would like the flowers to be provided by the church, or arranged by family. There is a choice of Bible readings that needs to be made before the service. Sometimes members of the family or friends participate by reading prayers or a Bible reading. Readings not from the Christian Bible need to be checked with the clergy at an interview. We want to ensure that any reading fits with the meaning of the service and Christian marriage. It is also worth giving thought to what music you would like. Again the clergy need to see the words of songs to ensure they fit with the Christian view of marriage. 

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